linchpin fetchΒΆ

The linchpin fetch command provides a simple way to access a resource from a remote location. One could simply perform a git clone, or use wget to download a workspace. However, linchpin fetch makes this process simpler, and includes some tooling to make the workflow smooth.

$ linchpin fetch --help
Usage: linchpin fetch [OPTIONS] REMOTE

  Fetches a specified linchpin workspace or component from a remote location

  -t, --type TYPE              Which component of a workspace to fetch.
                               (Default: workspace)
  -r, --root ROOT              Use this to specify the location of the
                               workspace within the root url. If root is not
                               set, the root of the given remote will be used.
  --dest DEST                  Workspaces destination, the fetched workspace
                               will be relative to this location. (Overrides
  --branch REF                 Specify the git branch. Used only with git
                               protocol (eg. master).
  --git                        Remote is a Git repository (default)
  --web                        Remote is a web directory
  --nocache                    Do not check the cached time, just copy the
                               data to the destination
  -h, --help                   Show this message and exit.