LinchPin Initialization

$ linchpin init simple
Created destination workspace: /tmp/simple
$ cd /tmp/simple
$ linchpin up

.. snip ..

Action 'up' on Target 'simple' is complete

ID: 1
Action: up

Target                      Run ID  uHash   Exit Code
simple                           1  7735aa          0

After running the commands above, LinchPin should be able to provision for you. We’ll use linchpin init and linchpin fetch throughout this tutorial to get you familiar with its inner workings.

It’s a minimal setup, using the dummy provider. We’ll get more into those in the upcoming parts of this tutorial.

Now that LinchPin is working, the simple workspace is in place, let’s learn more about Workspaces.


If you were unable to get LinchPin successfully installed and/or working, please see the troubleshooting documentation.